mar. 2020

Preparing for the Klangschloss exhibition in Greifensee / Switzerland

The Klangschloss organizer, Markus Thomann, this year arranges for an interesting experience for the Klangschloss visitors


There will be an ensemble of musicians playing at the “Landenberghaus” which is across the street of the Klangschloss. The concert will be recorded in a 2-channel fashion with the help of a Jecklin Disk ( ). Mr. Jecklin himself will be here to set up the disk.

The microphone signal on one hand will be recorded on an analog tape machine for later use for pressing Vinyl records ( ). On the other hand it will be digitized by one of our ADC2 A/D Converters.


The digital signal then will be transferred to the Klangschloss to all exhibition rooms. For this we at Weiss are working on a fiber optic link between the Landenberghaus and the Klangschloss plus a distribution network for the AES/EBU signals to all the rooms. For the electrical signals we will use tiny brown coloured CAT6 cables which are very well suited for AES/EBU standard signals and are also small enough to go through the door gaps etc.

Now during the concerts the exhibitors will play that signal coming from the concert hall on their setups. This makes for an interesting experience for the listeners in that they can compare the different setups with the very same source material.

The Jecklin Disk works kind of similar to a dummy head which means that the playback makes most sense via a crosstalk cancelling speaker setup. Our Series 5 units (DAC501, DAC502, DSP501, DSP502) have a crosstalk cancelling algorithm built in. We will use that in our room for the playback of the concert.

One of the rooms at the Klangschloss is called the “headphones kitchen” (Kopfhörküche) – it is the kitchen of the castle, now used for demoing various brands and models of headphones. The music source is the same for all setups, i.e. we use our MAN301 network player in conjunction with a custom made distribution amplifier which uses our OP2-BP discrete operational amplifiers.

If you are in the Zurich area of Switzerland don’t miss the Klangschloss. It probably is the nicest site of any of the highend HiFi shows.
The Munich show in May is cancelled due to the Corona Virus – the Klangschloss could be a nice alternative...


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