mar. 2020

Corona ties us to our homes - so let us enjoy music

The Corona virus causes us to stay at home for more time than usual. Maybe a good opportunity to listen to music or even to enjoy virtual concerts.


Here are a few links to music / video streaming:


- The Jazz club Moods in Zurich:
- The Berlin Philharmonics:
- A site with concert and documentary videos:
- Another one:

- Not middle of the road:


Feel free to email me more links to such sites, I will publish them here.


Our site sports various devices suited for music streaming. If you would like an individual consultation regarding your high-end HiFi setup feel free to contact me at the email address above.

mar. 2020

Klangschloss moved to 2021

Due to the Corona virus the Klangschloss exhibition has been moved to April 9 to 11 2021. Yes, three days instead of only two. 

mar. 2020

Preparing for the Klangschloss exhibition in Greifensee / Switzerland

The Klangschloss organizer, Markus Thomann, this year arranges for an interesting experience for the Klangschloss visitors


There will be an ensemble of musicians playing at the “Landenberghaus” which is across the street of the Klangschloss. The concert will be recorded in a 2-channel fashion with the help of a Jecklin Disk ( ). Mr. Jecklin himself will be here to set up the disk.

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feb. 2020

Weiss Audio Blog

Very soon I'll start my personal blog on audio topics here. 


Comments on blogs are welcome to be sent to

I may publish them if the writer allows.


Stay tuned!


Daniel Weiss


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