Softube releases the EQ1 plugin, including a Weiss Gambit Series Console 1 Channel Strip

We are proud to announce the release of the EQ1 plugin with a 1:1 transfer of our EQ1-MK2, EQ1-LP and EQ1-DYN models. Plus some important enhancements particularly with the EQ1-DYN unit.

The EQ in the Channel 1 channel strip is a 4 band version of the low latency EQ1-MK2 with limited functionality, but tailored to recording tasks.
Read all about it here: EQ1
And here: Console 1








Roon Ready for the DAC501, DAC502, DSP501 and DSP502 units

We are proud to announce that our latest D/A and D/D Converters are now Roon Ready. 

Roon is a music player with unparalleled features and performance. Read more about Roon here.
The DAC501 / DAC502 are state of the art D/A Converters with built-in DSP functions - many of them have not been seen in any other product.
The DSP501 / DSP502 are similar to the DAC501 / DAC502 but have digital outputs instead of analog outputs. 
A "legendary" first: Plug-ins based on the
Weiss DS1-MK3 Limiter / Compressor / DeEsser unit,
programmed by Softube

We recently cooperated with the Softube company to develop four plug-ins. All of them are based on our DS1-MK3 unit:

The DS1-MK3, the MM-1, the Deess and the Compressor Limiter.


Based in Switzerland? Buy the plugins here: Shop


"I've been a long time user of the Weiss DS1-MK3, it's been a must-have tool for my mastering process, and to see Softube nail it so well has me over the moon, from the UI familiarity to its epic dynamics shaping abilities, it's just about perfect."



The DS1-MK3 plug-in is a close to perfect clone of the DSP software in the DS1-MK3 unit. The other three plug-ins run the DS1-MK3 in the background and offer just a few knobs to control it for utmost ergonomics. 


The MM-1 (Mastering Maximizer) gets loudness to a new level of quality.


The DEESS (De-Esser) uses two separate bands for the most transparent de-essing.


The Compressor/Limiter is a modern and transparent compressor with a sound quality and ergonomics hard to believe.


Details can be found on the

Softube website:

The DS1-MK3

The MM-1


The Compressor/Limiter 



Manual for the DS1-MK3 and MM-1 plug-ins:



Manual for the DS1-MK3 hardware:



State of the Art Audio Equipment Made in Switzerland

We are happy to announce the first Weiss product with analog only inputs and outputs! The Weiss A1 API 500 Series Microphone/Line Preamplifier and De-Esser. Useful for recording, mixing and mastering alike.


“Daniel Weiss products are, inevitably, the best and most appropriate in design and engineering – simply the standard from which others must be compared.”

Mr. Bruce Bisenz, Hollywood Sound Engineer


Weiss Engineering Ltd. Duality, connectivity, precision: New Design!

After two years of working on our new Corporate Design, we are proud to launch the “Weiss” identity. The new design will be implemented in steps over time. Since this process is going to take time we ask you to be patient.

The new “Weiss” identity was created with the two product lines, “Pro Audio” and “High End”, in mind. It is this duality that lies at the heart of the “Weiss” brand. The dualism is visually expressed through the two intertwined “W”. The shape of the connecting “W” is at the same time an acoustical reference to the ­basic foundation of sound, which consists of mechanical waves and frequencies.­ The two overlapping sound waves also ­symbolize a “crowning” moment or experience of the marvelous sound.


The redesign has been made in cooperation with Ramon & Simon Grendene, two young and versatile designers, living close to our home and in New York.


The equipment you purchase from us in the transition phase may have a new company logo on it, but may also still use the old logo. This depending on the stock situation at dealers, distributors and our manufacturing contractors.

Weiss Engineering Ltd. Corporate Design history
Coming soon…