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nov. 2017

New website dedicated to our upcoming product, the Livebox

Many know, some have even heard the prototype - we are designing a large sound bar with built-in crosstalk cancellation. 

A new way to listen to music, with an impression of "being there". 

For more information keep visiting the www.livebox.audio website.


nov. 2017

Our room at the highend exhibition in regensdorf

Our one of a kind room with no visible speakers - but with a great sound due to the crosstalk cancellation based reproduction of live performances. Thank you, Moods Jazz Club, for your binaural streams at www.moods.digital


nov. 2017

Weiss exhibiting at the High-End HiFi show, Regensdorf, Switzerland

Come and see and hear our new DAC501 / DAC502 D/A Converter in action. We will play live music videos on a large screen and have a crosstalk cancellation (XTC) based speaker system. This will generate a "being there" feeling never experienced before (unless being there, yes).

The XTC is generated via the DSP in the DAC501 unit. Other DSP features are a room equalizer, a creative equalizer and a vinyl simulator. 

Don't miss room 343 at the Movenpick Hotel in Regensdorf. Saturday / Sunday November 4. / 5.

More information can be found here: www.highendswiss.de


oct. 2017

Weiss at the AES Convention in New York

Already history - but a very nice one: We demonstrated our LiveBox Crosstalk Cancellation speaker at the AES Convention. Even the super critical pro audio ears appreciated what they heard. To many the sonic sensation was a big surprise. Something one never hears from a standard stereo setup. The Livebox will be soon released in our Highend HiFi product range. 

At the AES Convention there were many exhibits, workshops and papers dealing with 3D audio, binaural audio, ambisonics etc. A clear sign that the audio industry is moving towards immersive audio. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are just around the corner...


sep. 2017

MAN app with iOS 11.0

New MAN app coming soon

The current version of the MAN app (MAN301 remote control) does not work with the latest iOS version (11.0).

In the next few days we will release a new, compatible app.


mar. 2017

DAC501 / DAC502

The DAC501 / DAC502 units are coming - finally


Towards end of next month (April) we will be able to start shipping the long awaited DAC501 and DA502 units.


We have been through a long process of hardware design work and software writing and refinement. In addition the actual manufacturing of the units was delayed due to various circumstances.


I am very grateful to all our customers who showed great patience. You will not be disappointed - the DAC501 / DAC502 is probably one of the most advanced D/A Converters currently on the market. The digital signal processor in the unit allows for audio treatments which give "highend audio playback" a new meaning.


Thank you - yours sincerely

Daniel Weiss

mar. 2017

New INT204 Version

The INT204 USB/DSD interface has gotten two revisions:


Rev A: This can be applied to all INT204 units which still use the USB driver version 1.56. After applying the revision the unit supports DSD128 as well as PCM at 352.8 and 384 kHz sampling frequencies. The INT204 unit can be revised at our office.

Units using a higher version USB driver are already revised.


Rev B: This is the latest INT204 version which also offers an IR remote controlled audio volume control. Earlier INT204 units cannot be upgraded to this version.


Coming soon…