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oct. 2018

Upcoming High End Swiss

Besuchen Sie uns in Raum 339 an der kommenden High End Swiss in Regensdorf. Am 27. und 28. Oktober ist es wieder soweit.


In unserem Raum werden wir Vorträge und Audiodemonstrationen zu folgenden Themen halten:


- Digitale Signalverarbeitung in einer Highend Anlage Part I: Vorstellung Raum Equalizer, Equalizer, Vinyl Simulator


- Digitale Signalverarbeitung in einer Highend Anlage Part II: Vorstellung Crosstalk Cancellation, Dynamikreduktion, De-Essing


- Die Zukunft der Lautsprecherboxe


- Raumakustik


- Die Zukunft der Musik-Distribution


An der Türe zu Raum 339 wird das detaillierte Programm angeschlagen sein.


Zur Vorführung gelangen folgende Produkte:
- DAC501 / DAC502 D/A Konverter mit eingebauter Digitaler Signalverarbeitung
- MAN301 Netzwerkspieler
- INT204 USB Interface
- Diverse Lautsprecher



Mehr Informationen zur Messe finden Sie hier.



jun. 2018

Deadmau5 on the Weiss/Softube DS1-MK3 plug-in

"I've been a long time user of the Weiss DS1-MK3, it's been a must-have tool for my mastering process, and to see Softube nail it so well has me over the moon, from the UI familiarity to its epic dynamics shaping abilities, it's just about perfect."

mar. 2018

Upcoming Klangschloss exhibition

On April 14th and 15th the Klangschloss exhibition in Greifensee / Switzerland takes place. 

We will be in room 8 and will demo our Livebox speaker in conjunction with our new D/A Converter (DAC501 / DAC502) and our MAN301 network player. We will stream audio and video content for a great multimedia experience.

The Livebox speaker tries to achieve what a headphone does - a crosstalk cancellation, with an astonishing effect. (Details see the livebox site). So it makes sense to also play a headphone in our room - we will have the Sennheiser HE1 headphone - probably the most expensive headphone currently available.

New this year will be the "KOPF-HÖR-KÜCHE" room where 7 different headphones can be tested. The audio source for all headphones will be the same, our MAN301 network player.

I am looking forward to welcome you in our room!

jan. 2018

DAC501 / DAC502 philosophy

With the DAC50x unit we introduce a new paradigm for D/A converters. The trend for high-end HiFi systems goes toward simpler setups. As simple as e.g. a D/A Converter plus a pair of active speakers.

Audio is streamed from a NAS and/or Internet to the D/A Converter and then conveyed to the speaker. A very short and simple signal path.


In addition the audiophile community starts to recognize that a transparent audio chain is not what we would like to have (yes, really!). We would like to have good sound on any speaker in any room.

A bold requirement which often calls for signal processing like room equalization, tone control, loudness control etc. Thus it makes sense to have various signal processing tasks done in the D/A Converter. This is where the DAC50x comes in handy. The DSP chip in the DAC50x takes care of tasks like:

- volume control

- room equalization

- creative equalization (tone control)

- vinyl sound emulation

- crosstalk cancellation for a live-like playback

- de-essing (remove sharp sibilances)

- constant volume keeping

- loudness control


Plus more in the pipeline, downloadable to the DAC50x unit. This makes the DAC50x the ideal unit for current and future audio setups.


jan. 2018


Currently we are evaluating a new method for loudness control. Back in the old days of HiFi, the amplifiers usually had a switch or knob to control the "loudness". This means at low listening levels the low and high audio frequencies have been boosted to compensate for the human ear's level dependent frequency response.

We plan to implement a new approach to solve this problem, but would like to know what users think of our take on it beforehand.

If you would like to participate we invite you to download the tracks from here:



Each track contains short snippets of A/B/A/B etc. versions. For each track write down whether you prefer A (with loudness compensation applied) or B (no loudness compensation) and let me know your findings. The differences are fairly obvious, i.e. not a "golden ears only" test.

Important to the test is to listen at a moderate level, recommended listening level is around 75dB, i.e. where loudness control makes sense. E.g. a level you may use when listening at night.

Contact for your comments: weiss@weiss.ch

jan. 2018

Fidata streaming app

The IODATA company, manufacturer of the Fidata NAS units, just published their free iOS app which allows to stream files from a NAS (any NAS, not only Fidata) to a renderer unit, like e.g. our DAC501 / DAC502 units or our other D/A Converter units which can be equipped with an Ethernet interface.

Have a look in the app store for fidata music app.


If you got any feedback on the Fidata app let us know, we are in contact with the Fidata people and can suggest enhancements.


jan. 2018

Interfaces for our D/A Converters

All our D/A Converters, namely DAC1, DAC2, Minerva, DAC202, Medea, Medus, can be equipped with USB/DSD or Ethernet or Firewire interfaces. Such an upgrade can make sense in these cases:


- Interfacing via Firewire becomes difficult because of the need for adapters for Thunderbolt. Although it is still possible, even with Thunderbolt 3, which requires two adapaters from Apple (TB3 to TB2 to Firewire).


- The wish to be able to play back DSD64 or DSD128 files and PCM files at 352.8 kHz or 384 kHz. This can be done via the USB/DSD interface.


- The wish to stream audio directly from NAS or Internet to the D/A Converter. This is possible via the Ethernet interface under control of apps like fidata or mconnectHD or Creation 5 etc.


Get in contact with us if you would like to upgrade your D/A Converter.


Coming soon…