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dec. 2019

DAC502 - Best D/A Converter

At the GUANGZHOU HIGH END show in China our DAC502 D/A Converter has been awarded as one of the best D/A Converters. We fully agree!

oct. 2019

Ausstellung in Zürich, Freitag - Sonntag, 25. - 27. Oktober

Besuchen Sie uns in Zürich zu unserer parallel zur Highend Swiss in Regensdorf stattfindenden Ausstellung. Wir sind zu Gast bei Michael Reinhard von Soundloft. 


Zu sehen und hören sind:

Alle unsere Weiss Produkte inklusive der Livebox mit Musikvideo Wiedergabe. Unsere DSP Algorithmen auch im Zusammenhang mit Kopfhörern werden wir vorstellen.

Ebenfalls zu hören und sehen sind Anlagen von Soulution, Magico, De Baer und Critical Mass Systems.

Erfrischende Getränke und Snacks werden ebenfalls nicht fehlen.


Vom 25. bis 27. Oktober jeweils von 11 bis 21 Uhr findet der Openhouse-Event in der Soundloft Zürich an der Morgentalstrasse 115 in Zürich-Wollishofen statt.




oct. 2019

Notes on new Mac-OS Catalina and the iPad-OS 13.1.2

The recently released new Apple OS-es have the following consequences with our products:


SARACON: Does not yet work with Catalina, we are working on a 64Bit version of SARACON.


Firewire Driver: Does work with Catalina. Make sure to use the latest driver version as listed on the Downloads page.


MAN301 App on iPadOS 13.1.2: The app crashes when the volume is changed with the fader or when the progress bar is moved or when leaving the large cover art display. The volume can be controlled by tapping on the speaker icons to the left and right of the volume fader. We are working on a solution.


jun. 2019

Roon Ready!

As of today our DAC501, DAC502, DSP501, DSP502 units are Roon Ready. 

Roon is a music player with unparalleled features and performance. Read more about Roon here.

The DAC501 / DAC502 are state of the art D/A Converters with built-in DSP functions - many of them have not been seen in any other product.

The DSP501 / DSP502 are similar to the DAC501 / DAC502 but have digital outputs instead of analog outputs.

may 2019

Munich 2019

Visit us in Munich, Atrium 4.2, Room E226


Our schedule for seminars is as given below.


Seminar topics:


Weiss Engineering:
Roon platform, Room Equalizer, creative equalizer, vinyl simulation, constant volume, de-essing, crosstalk cancellation, headphone related signal processing


PSI Audio:
Active loudspeaker design, room modes, active low frequency absorption



mar. 2019

Upcoming Klangschloss

Visit us on March 30 and 31 at the Klangschloss exhibition in Greifensee (Switzerland). During the two days we will conduct a total of four workshops with the following topics:

- Our DAC50x, DSP50x units in general (features)
- DSP functions in the DAC50x, DSP50x as follows:

  • Room EQ
  • Creative EQ
  • Vinyl simulation
  • Constant volume
  • De-Essing
  • Crosstalk Cancellation
  • Planned plug-ins, particularly for headphone use

- Roon (features)


The one hour workshops take place:

Saturday 12:30 and 16:30

Sunday: 12:15 and 15:30


Outside of the workshops we are there for answering questions and for demonstrating specific headphone related algorithms at a listening station.


Coming soon…