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dec. 2020
jul. 2020

Celine Dion uses ADC2

"I have been using the Weiss ADC2 for many years to track Vocals.
I love this unit, it's incredibly versatile, the meters and ergonomics are excellent.
I like the fact that I can change the input calibration instantly with the turn of a knob.
The ADC2 captures all the subtle details of the performer and the recording chain,
it's transparent with a high-end Weiss finish to the sound.”


Mr. Francois Lalonde

Vocal producer/ Recording and Mix Engineer for Celine Dion.

jul. 2020

DAC502 Review published in Stereophile August 2020

John Atkinson at Stereophile took the time to go through the DAC502' vast amount of features and found a very enjoyable D/A Converter. Read about it in his review in August 2020 Stereophile.

may 2020

Latest DAC502 review published

Read all about the DAC502 here!

may 2020

Saracon update released

Today we put up the latest Saracon version on our Downloads page. 

The main changes are:

- 64 bit version for the latest MacOS (Catalina) as well as for Windows

- for DSD conversion the .dsf file format is now supported. This works in both directions, PCM to DSD and DSD to PCM

- unicode file paths support


Get the Saracon software here.

Note, Saracon needs a Dongle to work. Ask us.

may 2020

Softube EQ1 plugin released!

Today Softube has released the 1:1 plug-in of our legendary EQ1 unit. In addition there is a Console 1 Weiss Channel Strip available.

Read all about it here: EQ1
And here: Console 1
And here: Weiss Complete Collection


We are super happy about those great sounding and extremely versatile implementations by Softube. 

jan. 2020

DAC502 - our awards so far...

Product of the Year Awards!

AudioArt - DAC Products of the Year 2020
SoundStage Pioneering Design Achievement
26th Guangzhou AV fair - Best DAC
MyHiend - Best Innovation Award 
Audiophile/Videophile - Product of the Year
HiFiReview - Product of the Year


Coming soon…