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dec. 2021

DAC502 awarded

The DAC502 wins What Hi-Fi? 's Sound Image Award for Best DAC/Preamp of the Year over AU$ 2500. "Spectacularly musical, invisible indeed to the music passing through, the DAC502 is both functionally-packed and one of the best DACs we’ve heard." Thank you!

sep. 2021

new weiss facebook page

We have just set up a new Weiss Engineering company facebook page. I invite you to join our community for the latest information, discussions, etc.


jun. 2021

Two new plug-ins for Series 5 units

Recently we released two new plug-ins for the Series 5 units (DAC501, DAC502, DSP501, DSP502):

The Loudness Equalizer and the Headphone Equalizer.


The Loudness Equalizer is a premier implementation of a patented design by Mr. Bernhard Schwede. It does not adhere to the commonly used Fletcher-Munson frequency responses but uses a completely new approach with incredible results.


The advanced Headphone Equalizer currently sports the large range of Audeze headphones. Select your Audeze headphone model and enjoy listening with it even more than before.


Download the latest Series 5 software via the web interface. Both plug-ins are free of charge.

Also download the new operating manual for a detailed description.


Coming soon…