OP2-BP op-amp

Give your design that extra edge!

The OP1-BP is arguably the best discrete audio OP-Amp currently available.



  • Headphone amplifiers and line drivers.
  • High performance audio.
  • Low noise, low distortion preamplifiers.
  • High resolution ADC drivers.
  • High resolution DAC current-to-voltage converters.
  • Low distortion active filters.
  • High resolution instrumentation amplifiers.



Technical Data 

Dimensions (cm)

Depth: 1,8 cm  
Width: 4,2 cm
Height: 1,6 cm w/o socket pins


Further data see the data sheet. Note, the data sheet refers to the OP1-BP version. The OP2-BP version uses the same datasheet. The differences manly concern the manufacturability.


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