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Concept & Design
Ramon & Simon Grendene
Zurich/New York


Michael Vögeli & Claude Brauchli


Product Photography
Bruno Augsburger & Frank Blaser


Images Explore High-End
Various Artists


With sincere thanks to all those musicians for the great opportunity to work with their images!


Lucas Niggli (MEDUS)


Bruno Spörri (JASON)


Vladislav Delay (MAN301)


The Young Gods (DAC202)


Herbie Hancock (INT204)


Rafael Schilt (INT202/INT203)


Dominik Burger (CHIRON)


Dweezil Zappa (OP1-BP)


Marcus Schmickler (DISCONTINUED)


Cyrill Schläpfer


Images Explore Pro Audio
Various Artists


Northern lights (EQ1)

© Bruno Augsburger


Star trails (DS1)

© Harvey/Aurora/laif


Dead forest (DNA1)

© Jeff Vanuga/Corbis


Quartz crystals (SFC2)

© Hayri Er/Getty Images


Antelope canyon (ADC2)

© Russell Burden/Getty Images


Steam plume (DAC1)

© Don Smith Photography/Getty Images


Underwater coral (DAC2)

© Paul Chesley/National Geographic Creative


Dumont dune (AFI1)

© John Nakata/Corbis


Nyiragongo volcano (A1)

© Guenter Guni/Getty Images


Brooks range (SARACON)

© Piriya Photography/Getty Images

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