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The MAN301 provides a single access point to your entire music library. Play back and archive music on NAS drives, stream music from the internet, play and rip CDs, get cover art and metadata — and control it all via the custom Weiss MAN app for Apple iPad.

The MAN301 is a powerhouse in terms of features and versatility, and a must-have for enthusiasts with huge music collections that are played back from multiple locations.

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High-End Hi-Fi

Main Features

Weiss MAN301


Large music libraries quickly get unmanageable and difficult to overview — particularly if they combine hard drive storage, internet streaming, and CD:s. The MAN301 provides a flexible and elegant solution.

Connect the MAN301 to your NAS devices, hard drives, and the internet. Then use the dedicated Weiss MAN iPad app to control and organize your entire music library. The MAN301 can play back CD:s or rip them for inclusion in your library. All common audio file formats are supported.

cover art and playlists

Easily search and find your music across all connected storage locations and playback sources. Collect cover art and metadata from Gracenote and other databases.

Your music can be displayed according to album name, artist, genre, and more. Create and edit your own playlists, even combining multiple sources. Multiple users can create their own personal profiles with playlists, searches, et cetera. Everything is managed from the Weiss MAN iPad app.

MAN301 DAC version

The MAN301 comes in a version that includes a DAC of a similar design to the renowned Weiss DAC202. The MAN301 Server version (without the DAC) can be user updated with a D/A converter module at any time.

The D/A converter module adds analog outputs on XLR and RCA connectors.

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Weiss - Highend-Hifi - MAN 301 - Rear
Weiss - Highend-Hifi - MAN 301 - Front Black
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High-End Hi-Fi

Technical Data

Weiss MAN301

Digital Inputs
  • (1) XLR connector
  • (1) RCA connector
  • (1) TOSLINK connector (optical)
  • (2) Firewire 800 connectors
  • All inputs accept professional or consumer standard, i.e. accept AES/EBU or S/PDIF signals
  • Sampling frequencies: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz or 192 kHz on any of the inputs, except TOSLINK input: 96 kHz maximum
  • Maximum input word-length: 24 Bits
Digital Outputs
  • (1) XLR connector
  • (1) RCA connector
  • (2) Firewire 800 connectors
  • (1) USB connector
  • Professional channel status data on the XLR and RCA outputs
  • The dual wire mode can be activated for sampling frequencies of 176.4 kHz or 192 kHz exclusively
Analog Outputs (DAC version)
  • (2) XLR connectors (hot on pin 2), DC coupled, short circuit proof output circuitry, output impedance 44 Ω
  • (2) RCA connectors, DC coupled, short circuit proof output circuitry, output impedance 22 Ω
  • The output level is selectable via the iPad
Supported File Formats
  • WAV 44.1-192 kHz, 8-32 Bit, float, double 
  • AIFF 44.1-192 kHz, 8-32 Bit, float, double 
  • M4a/ALAC 44.1-192 kHz, 16-32 Bit
  • M4a/AAC 44.1-96 kHz
  • FLAC 44.1-192 kHz, 16-24 Bit (32 not tested/unknown) 
  • Ogg/Vorbis
  • WMA 44.1-48 kHz
  • WV (Wavepack) 44.1-192 kHz, 8-32 Bit
  • DSF (DSD format) with 2.8224 Mbit/s or 5.6448 Mbit/s data rate
  • DSDIFF (DSD format) with 2.8224 Mbit/s or 5.6448 Mbit/s data rate

Depth: 30 cm / 11.8 inches
Width: 45 cm / 17.7 inches
Height: 6.6 cm / 2.6 inches
Height with feet: 7.4 cm / 2.9 inches

Power Supply

Two separate power supplies are employed, one for the computer section and another one for the digital and analog audio sections. The audio section power supply uses a toroidal transformer with a combination of switching and linear voltage regulators. The standby power is at a very low 0.5 W maximum.

Note: For more detailed product specifications, please refer to the user manual.

Press Reviews

What the media say

MAN301 - Eins Null

Hi-Fi Magazine


By itself the MAN301 turns out to be a true Weiss: competent, absolutely neutral and highly transparent.

Christian Rechenbach/Elmar Michels
MAN301 - Teruhisa Onda
Teruhisa Onda

High-End Audio Writer


I think the MAN301DSD will be an irreplaceable partner for the rest of my life.

Teruhisa Onda

Product Downloads

For your MAN301

MAN301 Brochure (DE)
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MAN301 Brochure (EN)
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MAN301 Brochure (JPN)
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MAN301 High Resolution Photos
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MAN301 Manual (DE)
  • 1.1.1
  • pdf
  • 25.3 MB
MAN301 Manual (EN)
  • 1.2.1
  • pdf
  • 31.8 MB
MAN301 Manual iBooks (DE)
  • 1.1.1
MAN301 Manual iBooks (EN)
  • 1.21
MAN301 Quickstart (DE)
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MAN301 Quickstart (EN)
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Product Sheet: MAN301, INT204, Livebox
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